Art and gifts for fans, made by a fan.

Your niche interests mean a lot to you. They often become your entire world. Nothing brings people together more seamlessly than common ground, and more people out there have the same interests as you than you may recognize. Better With A Pen creates art and gifts for people with niche interests, cultivating a safe space for everyone to love what they love earnestly. Maddi Cross is an LA-based artist who aims to help people with niche interests bring their wildest dreams to life, so they can truly wear their hearts on their sleeves. 


The Better With A Pen store features keychains, buttons, stickers, prints, and more for fans across the board. Named after a niche Fall Out Boy reference, Better With A Pen knows what fans want– because they are a fan, too! Maddi’s store is always evolving. Check back frequently for new updates.


Commissioned art is perfect for a gift, whether you’re giving it to yourself or someone else. Maddi can make nearly any vision come to life– within reason, of course. Your requests are taken seriously, and your wishes are respected as closely as possible. They understand how much these commissions mean to you. Personal ties and connections to your requests are not taken lightly here. The sky is the limit with your requests. 

However, there are a few major rules: any inherently hateful requests (such as those that contain hate speech or bigoted language) will be denied. Any requests which contain explicit material will need 1) written consent from a parent or legal guardian or; 2) a form of government ID proving that you are 18+. They are dedicated to the safety of our community.

Other than that, let your imagination run free. The process starts when you put in your request to Maddi. Then, you’ll discuss the logistics; this is the “boring” stuff, like pricing, sizing, etc. The time it takes to receive your commissioned piece will depend on a few things:

    • Maddi’s schedule and availability. Of course, they wish they could create a clone to be everywhere at once. Until that technology exists, though, they’re stuck with 24 hours in a day. Therefore, your request will be completed in the order in which it is received. 
  • The scope of your project. More detailed projects will require more time to complete. Generally, you should expect to receive your commissioned art within a month of placing your order.

  • Maddi WILL Draw: 

    • Your favorite band members
    • Your OCs (full body, bust, and face. References are necessary for accuracy)
    • Furries
    • Humans/Humanoids
    • Ships
    • Gore
    • You and your pals/family


    Maddi WON'T Draw, Under ANY Circumstances:

    • NSFW (without identification)
    • Incest/Pedophilia 
    • Real life portraits
    • Mimicking another person’s signature style
    • Anything hateful (racism, sexism, ableism, etc.) 

    They are so excited to bring your vision to life!